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    Compete Size Carbide Cutting Inserts Special Purple Color SNMU1305ANN-M In Stock


Detailed Product Description


                      Cnc Milling Inserts Carbide Tools Swtizerland Machine Horizontal Into Hole Compete Size Special Purple Color SNUM


CNC Tungsten carbide inserts for metal machining , tungsten carbide milling inserts

Zhuzhou Kelite Tungsten carbide inserts

1, High hardness (8~93HRA, equal 69~81 HRC)

2, Good hot hardness (can reach 900~1000°C, keep 60HRC)

3, Excellent wear resistance

4, Increase the cutting speed

5, Improve production efficiency

6, Shorten the production cyle.

Main Grade Introduction 



Horizontal Into Hole Inserts Types:

Feature Advantages:

It has excellent abrasion resistance and ideal impact resistance.Suitable for HRC25 ° ~ 48 ° all kinds of material of high speed low feed processing, quenched and tempered material ideal processing tool, universal good;Corresponding general tungsten steel, with 2~4 times of service life.Generally used for good stable working condition, good clamping of parts and continuous high speed light cutting.Excellent results after coating, can be processed to HRC60 ° all kinds of material, the corresponding (ISO P15 ~ P30 / K15 ~ K30) used in CNC numerical control equipment processing all kinds of high temperature alloy, heat-resistant alloy, nickel and vanadium titanium cast iron, stainless steel and other hard processing material (ni, Cr, Mo, silicon, titanium, etc.) before and after tempering heat treatment of excellent machining tools.High temperature processing and comprehensive performance are excellent, and the cutting speed is extremely high (generally the linear speed is above 120M), and the feeding quantity is required to be low. The higher the hardness of the processed material, the more remarkable the effect.Due to poor toughness, it is not suitable for discontinuous cutting or under the condition of insufficient rigidity of the process system and slight vibration and beating, otherwise it is easy to make or break the blade.

Confirm the processed materials, hardness HRC, equipment rigidity (value), quantity, according to the drawing and sample requirements grinding molding Angle and size tolerance..Only batch production now, can completely replace the world-class products, with a very high cost performance!