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Zhuzhou Kelite Advanced Materials Co., Ltd (Zazklt) is LaA research base, production and sales of CNC carbide cutting tools and inserts and cermet rods with the large scale of production in the city of Zhuzhou.
2021-12-04 15:20:19

Zhuzhou Kelite Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd (ZZKLT) is the reaserch ,production and sales base of CNC carbide cutting tools and Cermet Inserts and Rods with the large production scale in zhuzhou city.

Now our factory have developed very quickly  based on good proucts qualtiy ,strict ,complete and mature quality control system.

We have been awarded GB/T9001-ISO 9001qualtiy system certificate, all our products and inpected strictly every step every pcs.

Morever Kelite have the following quality text machine in quality control deparment.

1. Full automatic advanced machine from Switzerland to ensure top and stable quality.

2. MCoM -3 Mannal Cobalt Magnetism Instrument to text the inserts Cobalt of every grade every pcs every step.

3. YSK-IV Digital Coercimeter to text the Coercive force of inserts every grade every pcs every step.

4. KELCH KENOVA Set Line V345 Auto-cheaking Tool Setting Gauge (Q Setter), need not modify NC system, working automatic to control all the deformation of inserts .

5. We have imported 6 set of industial microscope that magnifies greatly to text every pcs of inserts gap,esp during workblank step.to ensure every pcs every side including the coner redius haven't any small gap,all the gap products it's controled during this step before coating.this machine also can check coated finish products clearly.

Zhuzhou Kelite Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd
Zhuzhou Kelite Advanced Materials Co.,LtdZhuzhou Kelite Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd